Quotes from messages sent following concerts and from adjudications.

'One audience member said the choir were 'exquisite'....several members of SWO remarked on how good Cantare are. One said 'A step up from most choirs!' Another said, 'you can tell they're really good because of the endings' 


'An amazing evening, congratulations to you all.'


'Totally amazing. Thank you all, I will never forget how much you all have loved my Mum

 A fantastic tribute to my fabulous Mum.'

 “Beautifully tuned and came across in delicious warm waves of sound.”
‘Woh, oh woh! Beethoven would have loved this’ ~ Christopher Field 


‘It was a privilege to listen to this excellent choir. They moved seamlessly from one musical style to another, performing with great poise.’ 

‘Rhythmically incisive with good blend of voices and tidy text.’

 ‘Dynamic control was impressive.’

‘The ending was so well controlled and magical.’

‘An evocative opening of a moving performance that held your audience enthralled.’ ~ Nicola-Jane Kemp

‘This was an extremely slick performance from a very fine sounding choir.’

 ‘Immaculate tuning and lots of light and shade which is always beautifully controlled.’  ~ Gaynor Keeble


‘Terrific dynamic range and excellent diction.’ ~ Gillian Dibden

‘Versatile choir which you showed off to its full in this programme.’ ~ Stuart Barr

'This is a most accomplished choir with such a concentrated range of control'
'Unaccompanied sound is so special and this showed the choir in its glory' ~ Penelope Price-Jones

‘Superb vowel sounds and intonation on obscure notes. Supported crescendos. Brilliant cut-offs!’ ~ E Wellman

'Hearing the beautiful ethereal music you were making was a real privilege ..... The audience were lifted high above Essex by Cantare's heavenly voices.’

'...the whole evening was so well put together for everyone's enjoyment and the range of music and the standard of the performers was amazing….’

'Excellent unison singing, clear words, crisp consonants. Parts were very well balanced....some beautiful pp singing ....a wide dynamic range and immense choral discipline.’


Southend-on-Sea Music Festival